Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thinking in, out & about the box

I received a box commission for the winter, so I think I'll build a lot more at the same time because they always find happy homes, and quickly, too.

Also, strangely and wonderfully, our little neighborhood bank supports local businesses by showcasing their wares and selling them on the spot. The display space couldn't have better light, and I keep thinking how beautiful some chiyogami paper-covered stuff would look there. It would dazzle.

Speaking of chiyogami, I've been salivating over the papers here (http://www.paperstudio.com/catalog2.php?category=%20Chiyogami%2C%20Yuzen%20Japanese%20Paper), but also wondering how much I already have stockpiled in the studio.

Now that the rainy season's near, so is bookbinding season. I'm going to do some planning soon, starting with the boxes, and slotting in some hours when we don't have visitors.