Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rock the bindery

What else goes with paper and scissors? Why, rock (n roll), of course. In that spirit, the lovely Roy Tinsel (right) and the astonishing Bubble's Depo (below) consented to play our last big hurrah party of the pre-Roy era. Judging from the little guy's calisthenics inside, he liked it, too.

With the birth signifying a return to bindery business, I'm already lining up projects. I would love to print some of Rosario Aglialoro's poetry and have started talking to his widow about it. The book's already taking shape in my mind.

Also in the lineup is the ode to Grandpa John and the long-awaited lingerie wallet.

With any luck, I'll get my Portland Open Studios application in on time between all the prenatal classes and furniture moving.

With even more luck, I'll be accepted.

BTW, the pictures following are the last part of my experiment to suss out differences in camera equipment, retouching, and photo presentation. Don't tell me you've had enough of Johnny Depp.