Friday, May 16, 2008

New studio supervisor installed

Somewhere between the sleepless nights and the 24-hour demands of my newest employer I actually made it back to the studio. As my buddy hangs out on his Michael5000-issue quilt on the bamboo floor (left), I have been tackling all those half-done projects that have filled my mind and bookshelves.

I’m also looking forward.

It helped we had a big workshop for Portland Open Studios. One of the returning artists said about 200 people visited her studio over the weekend.

That means I’ve got to get busy, especially since I plan to be open both weekends.

I’ve been mentally scheduling the projects, so here’s a start putting them down here:

Fine press
• Rosario poetry
• Grandpa John tribute
• A listening guide to Astor Piazzolla in Central Park

• Portfolio
• Photo presentation boxes, 4 x 6
• Frames?
• A postcard writer’s companion
• Address books?