Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can't go to Brazil, but my books are

Tonight my prototype for a book plus CD/DVDs heads off to Brazil with Bob, where he's planning to spend time with Suely Mesquita and document her Sexo Puro songwriting movement. I'm jealous as hell, but thrilled I got to play a part in the project.

Here are details of the "musibook" format I came up with.

I came across 72 pt. Legend font in the type drawers at OCAC, and this project made a perfect reason to use it.

BTW, Suely's music totally inspires. I can't stop listening, in particular to "Zona E Progresso" from her Microswing. Listen to the "radio" stream long enough on her site and you'll eventually hear it, and a lot more.

Now don't you wish you were in Brazil, too?