Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The best part about making books? When they leave

It is so satisfying watching my pile of copies that make up the Two Lives edition dwindle as they're sent off to their proper owners. Last I updated y'all on the project, it was little past this:

Next goal is to photograph the finished product—letterpress cover, boards, and all—and post results here! If you would like to spend some time with it in person, I have a copy, as well as my Please Touch book, up in the current Em Space show, 407 S.E. Ivon.

Speaking of shows, a fellow bookbinder and I went down to Corvallis last month to visit the Un-Speak-Able arty book roundup, in which we had a few entries. I love practically any excuse to get out of town, and this trip felt so right: good talking, wide-open views, acres of sheep (including very wee ones, just white specks punctuating the green), and quality art time. Hey, you could even touch some of the work! We also were entrusted with Cinnamon Bear as his chaperones for the day.

Some pics of the art outing, brazenly posted without advance permission from Mrs. 5000.

And just to show you we bookbinders know how to par-tay, here we are—in another unauthorized photo; what is this, TMZ?—at the launch for PDX Letterpress. Thanks, Michael 5000, for the (fine) art.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sometimes the last chapter comes too soon

Sorry, blog readers, for the absence. My dad—one of the biggest book lovers of all—died recently, and I'm still rearranging my psyche around it. Here's a pic of him, instilling his favorite hobby in yet another generation.

I printed a tribute to him, basically a list of some of his favorite things, and enjoyed hauling out the Copperplate Gothic. Because that's just the kind of guy he was: old-school, with class.

In happier news, after six months of binding during naptime, I finally finished Two Lives! You can see a copy at Em Space, as part of the anniversary show that kicked off April 30. I'm working gallery hours noon to 4 on Sunday, May 15, if you want some in-person running commentary.