Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little schooling for a lot of talk

I just signed up for a refresher round of Mandarin conversation, part of my mission to work on the Chinese bookbinding manual-adventure tale while we're in the Middle Country this summer. It's been four years since we were there, so this trip feels overdue. We look forward to Jess Meider and Gao Fang's wedding, seeing and feasting with old Beijing friends, doing bookbinding business, and adventuring elsewhere in China. So, I've got to get my tones back. Thank you, Portland Community College.

Last week, luckily before the finger infection from the splinter started raging, I submitted (details, above and below) for the Six Days 6x6 show, opening March 29 at 2724 NE Alberta. The image transfer/screen print Fremont, Broadway, Steel draws on my long-held fascination with Portland's bridges—more on that as we near our Artspace show called Be Steel My Heart, opening at Ristretto Roasters this summer.

Come on out for Last Thursday.