Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For an artist, it's the best kind of hang-up

A chance to show, that is.

Along with fellow Artspace artists Brita Gould and Gay Mitchell, I have work at the ITT Center, 811 N.W. 19th Ave. The art stays up through May.

I enjoyed converting a blank ho-hum space such as this:

into this:

When not hanging, I'm rounding up artwork for the manuscript, and lucked upon this video of the Chinese cave where a massive treasure trove of old books was found around 1900. It's in Mandarin, but the footage shows the camera got to go where visitors normally can't in the far-west town perched on the edge of the Gobi.

Among the tens of thousands of manuscripts piled within the cave was the oldest, dated, printed book in the world, the Diamond Sutra (a scroll dated 868 A.D.). Considering all the indignities it has suffered in the name of "conservation" over the decades (bleach and cello tape among them), it's a wonder it has survived this long. 

The Diamond Sutra—still shining after all these centuries.