Saturday, October 31, 2015

A book artist goes for the gutter

Deep purple plays the Portland Art Museum.

You can't hold it in your hands and flip the pages, but it's hard to quibble with perfect. This piece at the Portland Art Museum (sorry, I don't have artist name or title to list) shows the rare example of a book that hangs without hands, and makes the most of the gutter, usually the no man's land that's the structural heart of the book and yet the place where typically nothing can be.

Why pack a wallet when you can have an All-it?

With this year's craft fair outing days away, I am back in the studio whipping up a piece that I saw in Helen Hiebert's latest how-to credited to another legendary book wiz, Hedi Kyle. A repurposed calendar print became what I call an "All-it," that is, a wallet that serves even more purposes.

Slim enough to fit in a pocket, the All-it holds a phone, bills, 4 x 6 pictures, written notes or other inspiration, business cards, ticket stubs, and much more. It's all you need for a night on the town, or for penning a special tribute to someone. It's a souped-up greeting card, a unique keepsake, a multimedia love letter, a travel journal, or a go-to kit for a short trip.

Check 'em out for yourself this weekend or tour the sample fresh off the bench in the pics below.

It starts with a big ol' piece of paper ...

... and ends with a multipocket book and carryall!

The All-it fits pictures up to 4 x 6 inches.

Bills tuck right in.

Pages for ideas, quotes, sketches, and other inspiration.

More pockets at the back suit business cards, tickets, and so on.

All wrapped up and contents secured.

Phone slides in on the outside.

Slip it into a pocket and go.