Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ma Nao Books makes a move, and a movie

Handsome durable portfolios go on sale this Friday.

After a video shoot to promote the book, the studio space—and the awesome house that houses it—is up for sale. If you or anyone you know seeks modern convenience in a thriving established Portland neighborhood, check out my listing and get in touch!

Not to worry, the studio has moved just five blocks away and will soon set up shop. In the meantime, the shop for Ma Nao Books pops up as part of the Northeast Community Center's annual craft confab from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4, at 1630 N.E. 38th Ave. (at Sandy). Always one of my favorites, this well-run event lays on the live music, refreshments, and cheer. The variety of work and artists represented make it a great place to start and finish all kinds of holiday and special occasion shopping.

After painfully moving the contents of my studio and inventory, I am slashing prices on most everything this Friday, so if ever you hankered for a copy of a limited-edition title, or houseware or accessory (such as a portfolio covered in Japanese paper (top)), made by my hands for yours, come on out and say hey.

Edis Jurcys and Cathy Zheutlin learn about the juanzi zhuang,
the first known form of book on paper—aka the scroll,
and plenty more about Chinese bookbinding and book history
in a nine-hour shoot two weeks ago at the studio for Ma Nao Books.

Progress continues on publication of the bookbinding book, China Under the Covers, which will go to Codex Foundation's biannual confab in the Bay Area in early February 2017, this time serendipitously celebrating the art of the book in China. Once edited, the video will be grist and inspiration for a crowdfunding campaign to underwrite a first printing (register here to get notified when it goes live).