Monday, October 02, 2017

It's fall is all

Milestones in bookbinding history along with hands-on models cover
 the evolution of an enduring communications device.

Lest we need reminding.
After wrapping a successful three-month run at my local bank, which puts small businesses in the spotlight, I packed up my Chinese-bookbinding show, but hopefully not for long.

After all, it's fall, and that's usually when I get bookbinding.

Just for this month (October), Oak Knoll Books—a book purveyor that specializes in books about books—listed China Under the Covers among its entire bookbinding oeuvre on sale. So if you too hanker to hunker down and bookbind this winter, you won't be alone.

A detail from one of this year's fantabulous birthday books, although the hyphen is kill-
ing me.