Saturday, June 30, 2018

Campers-cum-binders know it's awl good

Just another view in paradise.

I'm still absorbing the delights of Scripps Camp, from the rollicking late nights, to the relaxation, to the reflection. As I warned everyone upon coming back home (and still making a rough re-entry), I might have to attend every year to experience the perfect place where "everything's possible, and nothing is required."

This year I led a workshop in making a trip diary of a nonadhesive binding that comes about over an hour and through the classic actions of bookbinding: folding, nipping, piercing, sewing. The binding evolves organically, and can be as easily undone if necessary. 

Now we all just need to take more trips to have reason to make more books.

Here's a mini photo essay of our bookbinding foray:

The stage is set for bookbinding at Scripps Camp.
These piles of papers soon become books.
Hint: It's not the book stork.
A condensed timeline of the five oldest bindings ends with Gutenberg.

Athenas show their creations.