Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now that's a lusty ephemera box

With three days off in a row over New Year's, I indulged myself by creating a 12-by-19 box for all the oversize ephemera that seems to stick to me like lint.

Plus, in going through my boxes of travel mementos I found the most awesome phone card ever, one from France ('natch) featuring Rodin's "The Kiss." The ticket stub to the museum itself showed a detail of the man's hand on the woman's thigh, indicating that that kiss must have led to something else.

The museum was my favorite touristy thing I did in Paris that trip, and then I was floored to find a sexy sculpture on a phone card, too. American phone companies would never have, uh, the balls to use something so racy. Maybe they wouldn't even be allowed to.

So there the phone card goes on my old-world box as a sort of modern plastic inlay. The inside liner papers (not shown) stay in that lusty theme, being a "Chocolat" movie poster and a watch ad -- both featuring Johnny Depp.


At 00:19, Blogger Michael5000 said...

I got confused and thought it was a lusty box for belly button lint. It's too big for that. Use this one for the ephemera, and make a smaller one for the lint.

: )


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