Thursday, July 24, 2008

Promotion and creation go hand-in-hand

I have one more prototype to refine (the portfolio), but there's so much getting in the way of forward progress.

At least I finally gave up on the Tyvek. Sure, it's durable, takes a tint nicely, and doesn't tear, but -- and this is a big but -- it has no soul. So I go back to the drawing board, this time thinking pockets made of book cloth. Even this isn't as easy as it sounds, however.

Then I had to do a bunch of crisis cleaning for The O photographer, who spent two hours here one afternoon last week, and came back the next morning, to do a spread running in the Homes & Gardens section on July 31. I made sure to put in a plug for Ma Nao Books, 'natch, and Portland Open Studios, which I hope survive the editing process.

Meanwhile, the boy seems to be taking to the shady garden space, so perhaps that prototype's not too far off.


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