Monday, August 04, 2008

Dear former bosses: Thank you for laying me off

Just when things were going well, they got better. I should pinch myself hourly.

Yesterday we went to the Letterpress Yardsale at Liberty Hall and saw the many neat peeps doing the classy old-timey printing thing. I couldn't help but load up on broadsides and cards and loiter wistfully by the piles of type. If I had bought that press 19 years ago in Seattle, life sure would be different.

But how could it be this good?

For instance, I was asked to teach my Chinese bookbinding workshop again, so look for that in the spring. And I just hired an assistant to come in late September, to help me build inventory for Portland Open Studios.

Meanwhile, I work to fill the six orders that I've already got. Here's a state-of-the-studio shot; colorful, isn't it?


At 12:26, Blogger Michael5000 said...

Lucky skunk.


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