Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving right along

The studio curtain project started eons ago and -- owing to some temporarily lost magnets -- just ended today, yay. Not only do the curtains ensure more privacy for bindery guests, they glow wonderfully in the light. Now if I could just remember to remove them when opening the garage doors; it's incredible how much they've stood up to repeated munching.

I also signed up for letterpress, which starts next month, and I'm already scheming on whether I could do, say, a short history of Atatürk. I remain obsessed.

Soon I'll post pictures of the finished portfolio prototype, which means we're at last all systems go for production next month, when our lovely studio assistant arrives from the Palouse.


At 07:24, Blogger Michael5000 said...

You're obsessed... with Kemel Ataturk?

Margaret, you are full of surprises.


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