Sunday, January 18, 2009

If only they had Gantt charts for bookbinders

Here are the projects slated for the Year of the Ox and the deadlines:

To do
• A Tango with Ataturk (January)
• Update Web site (February)
• Chinese bookbinding manual & memoir (April)
• Lois Langland residency application (June)
• Grandpa John & Idamae tribute (November)
• Tango Diary

To move forward
• Saucymorons
• An Adventurer's Guide to Rose City Cemetery

To consider for development
• World trip
• China times
• Essay on what newspapers were for Roy
• Portland bridges in Polaroid
• Chiyogami tea caddy and cell-phone recharging cradle

I"m amazed I posted anything at all today, given how glued I was to coverage of the inauguration. I could barely tear myself away to make the Oba-mousse that we're taking to the party tonight.


At 22:53, Blogger fingerstothebone said...

Boy, you have a lot of projects planned! Good for you. And about spending a lot of time promoting -- as I'm learning, that's really worth it; otherwise, you end up with a studio full of unsold work. Start promoting, and holy cow, guess what! You start selling your work. So good luck on that front too!


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