Tuesday, March 03, 2009

To apply or not to apply

That's my Portland Open Studios question.

Pros: About a hundred people more found out about my work than otherwise would. It's fun meeting people and turning them on to bookbinding, if only in very small ways. I'm forced to clean up my studio.

Cons: Sales weren't stellar. Some people were more interested in anything but my work. I have no shortage of other projects. I'm forced to clean up my studio.

With applications due soon, I've got to decide. For sure, if I did apply I'd only go for the open-one-weekend option.


At 22:53, Blogger fingerstothebone said...

Here's another pro -- if you're interested in teaching bookbinding out of your studio (and it's a great space for that), the pos weekend is a great time to drum up students.


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