Friday, March 06, 2009

We got all dressed up for the photo shoot

That is, A Tango with Ataturk did.

I am forever flummoxed by tabletop photography but have come to realize Photoshop is something I can't continue to resist, especially if I want to open the Etsy shop. And I have excellent teachers!

Here's the semifinalists for the www site, including

a face-to-face encounter

a look inside the binding -----------v

v----- a full-length shot with cover

v----- a detail of the pressure printing, images of the shoe shapes used in old-fashioned dance diagrams. These shapes do their own dance through the pages of A Tango with Ataturk.

Here's some wood type & the colophon

and a possible new image for the www masthed (Be Mine is so Been There)


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