Friday, April 03, 2009

Ready or not, here Chinese bookbinding comes

I've been making more models in my studio, having some zenlike moments sculpting paper, board & cloth, and looking forward to this weekend's workshop at Oregon College of Art & Craft. Plus, I hear it's supposed to be good weather, which means the sun will be shining up the space and warming our work.

Making the set in miniature, I realized how hard it is to work so small. (Or maybe I'm just less dexterous?) Here's a pic of the wee ones with the adult size we'll make this weekend.


At 07:35, Anonymous Magnus said...

This stuff is amazing. Love the pictures. I work in a Bindery on the east coast. Love the Chinese books... keep up the good work. Doing research on a new post coming up in a couple weeks about China and books in China and the binding. Found you that way. Good stuff!


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