Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding bells and wedding clamshells

I ignored my recent rule of photographing everything I make. But the box was a present for a wedding this weekend, and it needed to get out the door fast.

At the same time I made a couple of other similar-size clamshells for fun, using unusual chiyogami paper I hadn't tested. They turned out great. The red wave-patterned chiyogami almost feels like lacquer to the touch, and it certainly looks like it.

the inside

I covered the other box with chiyogami that shows about a dozen different scenes, from mountain climbers to travelers going by boat. It was tough picking out the 12-by-8-inch piece to go on the cover, but I finally settled on the boat scene because of the water's iridescence.

I love the guy's smile at the right.

A peek inside


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