Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crafty Wonderland here we come

Out of 400 entrants, I'm one of 200 vendors picked to show my stuff at the so-called Super Colossal Crafty Wonderland holiday sale happening Sunday, Dec. 13, at the Oregon Convention Center. Yippee! I'm sharing a table with the fabulous jewelry designer Angela Muldoon; we met at the Blackbird sale last year.

Along with another Beaumont Artspace show coming up in December at TaborSpace, and a few other deadlines looming, I've got plenty of irons in the fire. I'm also only about a third of the way through A Tango Diary. The marketing blitz for that should begin first part of November.

Here are the new bindery shelves by our rockin' cabinet man.

They're already useful.


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[word verification: "tantso." So close to "tango."


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