Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A naked book no more

The client wanted a pamphlet from 1918 bound in the "most Chinese" way possible, and all I could say was that it would have to go in a shutao case. (I love that it translates as "book clothes.")

Here are pictures of the project. I had to cover filler boards to make the pamphlet thick enough to encase. One side of the case has to be wide enough to accommodate the straps that hold the biezi (bone clasps) in place.

Here's the case hinged with Japanese paper.

The case shown partially covered, with the filler boards.

The case folded and awaiting the mallet.

My "pounding station." Everyone should have one.

Two whacks and we're halfway there.

Here I am trying to obey my rule of photographing every thing I make, hustling to get the job out the door. But my plan is cut short by a small sock-footed creature.


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