Thursday, July 01, 2010

The clamshell boxes keep coming

I dug out some of the older, untested papers in my collection for this round of clamshells. You never know: Sometimes moderno papers with raised patterns such as the above and the red-and-black lacquerlike one that comes later in this post pose too great a risk; you wonder how the paper and its texture will ride over corners and bind to bookboard.

Turns out, no problem! Like the stiff Rohhalbleinen cloth, these papers took paste like it was massage oil and complied with the whole process. Now I wish I had more.

I gave this box at a recent wedding deep in the Oregon Cascades. Congratulations Miles and Maia!

The client liked this box so much, he asked for another.

Here it is. It's 13 by 11 inches and 4 inches deep, about the biggest I can make without too much anxiety. Any larger and it's a mad rush to put it all together before the paste dries.


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