Friday, January 14, 2011

In the swim of it at Blackfish

It was a rare dry First Thursday in winter, so the crowds migrated to the Pearl District, and Blackfish Gallery saw a steady river of visitors. Thank you to all who came!

My favorite moment of the reception came when I passed behind some burly guy as he encountered my altered book. He absorbed it for a moment, then came a big ol' "Huh!"

If you can't get to the show (up through the 29th), click here for a virtual tour. If you want more more more—including artist interviews—watch Mario Caoile's video Artspace Out of Bounds, posted in the right margin.

Here are a couple pictures of my pieces in situ.

Religious History

Against the Grain

Here are the people who make it happen. Thank you!


At 11:51, Blogger helen said...

Nice pics and nice show! Congrats.


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