Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surely you know some saucymorons

Send them to me! I'll give credit if I use them in future editions of my Saucymorons collections. What are saucymorons, you ask? Let me quote from the introduction to the debut volume:

"I blame it on the stimulus package. How could something so potentially exciting as a stimulus come to be married to something so banal as a package—and carry any meaning?
     "Suddenly I heard such saucymorons everywhere. A wink beyond close relative the oxymoron—jumbo shrimp, &c.—saucymorons pose little riddles of language and seem especially suited to an eclectic array of type."

As to the book itself, now begins the visual tour.

The cover, letterpress-printed like the text

The buzzword (buzzphrase?) of the economic collapse of 2008 still sounds nonsensical.

manufacturer's wish


This one's for all you bookbinding geeks out there; it shows the double sewing. I forget what you call this binding, which I learned long ago at Chicago's Artists Book Works.



At 11:13, Blogger Michael5000 said...

I just filled out a "Payroll Action" form at work....

At 22:40, Blogger margaret said...

—action for which you have to wait 2 weeks, right?

Duly noted. Thanks!


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