Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You couldn't pay for better play

Inspired by Wayne Gretzky and his reasoning (and I paraphrase) "All's I know is, 100 percent of the shots I don't take don't go in," I submitted Steel Standing to one of the alternative weeklies in town and the new issue out today gives it a full page! Check out the I Made This feature on page 53.

Yippee, thanks Willamette Week! And thanks to sponsor Blick Art Materials (coincidentally—or maybe not so—that's where I bought most of the paper for the book in the first place).

If this isn't inspiration to get in the studio and finish the edition, I don't know what is.

The bridge officially turns 100 on Saturday. If you would like to celebrate the milestone with a hand-bound letterpress-printed book (with original screen print centerfold!), drop by Ristretto Roasters, 3520 NE 42nd Ave., through July for a copy or get in touch with me via my website.


At 06:59, Blogger helen said...

That is so cool - congrats, Margaret!


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