Monday, January 17, 2011

So this is what Angelina Jolie feels like

Everybody watches you. And when they show up lugging paints and portfolios, they're going about that watching with laserlike focus, every twitch of the eye triggering a tug of the hand.

As an art student and now (though I shy away from calling myself an artist when usually "bookbinder" will do), I long benefited from others' modeling so when I was asked to sit recently for a monthly art session at a studio in the neighborhood, I said yes to the adventure.

First off, do you have any idea how many muscles you use just sitting there? After five 25-minute sessions I was ready to get off the stage, and had new respect for those who do it, and some without any clothes on either. It helps to do a lot of yoga breathing, power-think through nose tickles, and focus on something you can make into lots of shapes to amuse yourself.

Remember, you're working in front of one of the most observant classes of people on Earth, so if you suddenly start smiling, they'll know. Maybe even before you do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

In the swim of it at Blackfish

It was a rare dry First Thursday in winter, so the crowds migrated to the Pearl District, and Blackfish Gallery saw a steady river of visitors. Thank you to all who came!

My favorite moment of the reception came when I passed behind some burly guy as he encountered my altered book. He absorbed it for a moment, then came a big ol' "Huh!"

If you can't get to the show (up through the 29th), click here for a virtual tour. If you want more more more—including artist interviews—watch Mario Caoile's video Artspace Out of Bounds, posted in the right margin.

Here are a couple pictures of my pieces in situ.

Religious History

Against the Grain

Here are the people who make it happen. Thank you!