Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surely you know some saucymorons

Send them to me! I'll give credit if I use them in future editions of my Saucymorons collections. What are saucymorons, you ask? Let me quote from the introduction to the debut volume:

"I blame it on the stimulus package. How could something so potentially exciting as a stimulus come to be married to something so banal as a package—and carry any meaning?
     "Suddenly I heard such saucymorons everywhere. A wink beyond close relative the oxymoron—jumbo shrimp, &c.—saucymorons pose little riddles of language and seem especially suited to an eclectic array of type."

As to the book itself, now begins the visual tour.

The cover, letterpress-printed like the text

The buzzword (buzzphrase?) of the economic collapse of 2008 still sounds nonsensical.

manufacturer's wish


This one's for all you bookbinding geeks out there; it shows the double sewing. I forget what you call this binding, which I learned long ago at Chicago's Artists Book Works.


Friday, April 20, 2012

It's going to be a rockin' letterpress Saturday night

After all the talk and anticipation for my Chinese conversation class, it was canceled. So that means my new Chinese teacher is a 5-CD set (the cover of which assures me I'll learn Mandarin "in 4 simple steps!") from Multnomah County Library, sigh. Or anyone I can corner at the Asian grocery.

Even so, I've been too busy doing art to chat, in Mandarin or otherwise. Tomorrow we'll celebrate Em Space's third birthday, and you're all invited for the usual literary and artsy ambiance along with drinks, food, raffle prizes, and music.

I'm unveiling my latest small-edition book, Saucymorons, Volume I, shown in a different format above and similar to how it'll look at the Em Space show.

These last pics are in here just because they're so Hopper-esque and it's not every day you can set type next to a locomotive. Sometimes they steam right by, and even though Em Space's space is about kid-unfriendly as they come—several guillotines and all that ink at knee level, just to name a couple features—I sure wished my son could be there to see, hear, and feel the rumble.