Friday, April 24, 2009


All my dithering over whether to apply for Portland Open Studios hardly mattered; I didn't get in anyway. But perhaps I can try something new and different instead, say, a Crafty Wonderland or even a more homespun artisans' open house.

Right now, tho, I've got to complete three commissions — hooray! And I would love to hit the local paper sale before it ends this month, anticipating needs for the tango diary in particular.

I finally got around to making the scrap-paper bin for the bindery, replacing this lovely:


Constructed of bookboard, covered in handmade Nepali paper, and rimmed with Rohhalbleinen bookcloth, it should stand some whacking around by the studio monitor.

Monday, April 06, 2009

9 new Chinese-bookbinding angels created

The sign up at the Oregon College of Art & Craft this weekend said it all, even if incorrectly (the real title of the workshop is "Heavenly Head, Earthly Foot" — after two historical Chinese terms for book anatomy — but hey I like "Heavenly Hands" even better!).

It was a fun weekend, spent among fellow book lovers-makers and spreading the gospel of Zhang Ping and some know-how and tales behind one of China's oldest, proudest traditions.

I enjoyed the teaching so much that I'm getting more serious about offering classes in my studio.

But first, these hands, feeling not so celestial, need some rest.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ready or not, here Chinese bookbinding comes

I've been making more models in my studio, having some zenlike moments sculpting paper, board & cloth, and looking forward to this weekend's workshop at Oregon College of Art & Craft. Plus, I hear it's supposed to be good weather, which means the sun will be shining up the space and warming our work.

Making the set in miniature, I realized how hard it is to work so small. (Or maybe I'm just less dexterous?) Here's a pic of the wee ones with the adult size we'll make this weekend.